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       Our company’s full name is “Zhejiang Qinshan Rubber Engineering Joint Stock Company” ( It was Haiyan Qinshan Rubber Engineering Co.,Ltd. ). Registered capital is RMB 22,090,000. It is a famous enterprise which is specialized in researching and manufacturing engineering rubber products.
       Our company always insists doing pioneering work by technology, science and technology enterprise-oriented, values talented people. Company introduces and hires senior engineers as reliable backup force of our company’s technology support. We stress development and innovation as root. High starting point and high requirement. Our new products are emerging in an endless stream. Quake-proof tensile bridge pan type support has the honor to get patent. High damp bridge pant type support, directional rotating expansion joint device have applied for talents. Over traveling module expansion joint device, QZ ball type quake-proof pan type support, GPZ(II) pan type support have been listed into Provincial High-tech Products, State-level Torch Program. Bridge plate-type rubber support, waterstop participate in standard formulation and are destined to enter mass production. GPZ(III) bridge pan type support had been listed Provincial High-tech Products Trial-produce Plan in 2006. Rail way bridge TPZ series pan type support, TPZB rail way bridge pan type support, JHPZ high speed pan type support and QPZ、JHPZ simple series pan type support have excellent products quality and can totally satisfy various engineering construction demands. Comb expansion joint device, MDZ series expansion device, JB series deformed steel various specifications series expansion device can satisfy various expansion joint demands. New frame supports, tensile supports are used in steel structure long span building and have been used in Hangzhou Dragon Gymnasium, Shenzhen Exhibition Hall, Hefei Exhibition Hall, and Beijing Olympics engineering. Recent years, we are always insisting quality first, integrity oriented, and our products are received good reputation of customers.
For a long time, our company lays stress on talent’s training and technology’s program. It is formed gradually enterprise’s own technology backbone team. At the same time, through the road of “borrow talent (wealth), introduce wisdom (capital)”, company has paired Factory and Institute “production scientific research” combo with China Highway Planning and Design Institute, Rail Way Department No.4 Durvey Design Institute, Tongji University, Hangzhou Urban Construction Institute and other Research Institutes. It depends on their research force to assist our company to research and manufacture high technology products.
Currently, company owns and hires 5 senior engineers, 6 engineers, 10 technicians. We have a technology team with strong technology force and marketing team with plentiful experience.
        Company would like to provide high performance high quality products with reliable quality, advanced technology and good service for national crossing sea bridge, bay bridge, crossing river bridge, advanced high way, urban elevated highway, high speed rail way, urban rail way, dock and harbor, tunnel underground, airport pavilion, guild hall, hydropower station, raft bridge and other key point engineering huge bridges, middle-small-scale bridges. Our company truly realizes a project of vital, quality first, customer uppermost, service tenet. Company will make contributions for domestic and foreign bridge construction.
      Our company’s current main products: bridge support, pan type GPZ(II), GPZ(2009) the newest standard, GPZ(2009) shock absorb ( Tongji University proceeds shock absorb performance testing. It adopts America MTS shaking table performance testing, and adopts 1~50HZ sine wave sweep frequency, frequency speed as twice sound interval/min, accelerated speeds are 0.1g、0.2g、0.4g、0.8g, correspond to 10 degree basin intensity. It is researched hysteretic behavior under natural earthquake action and has satisfactory result with full hysteretic behavior, favorable wasted energy ability, large support damping ratio and strong damping ability). Flexible QZ ball type turning corner. We also have tensile support, damping support, rail way pan type support plate type support, highway bridge plate type support, net frame support, pencil lead damping support, and they are used in building shock absorption and bridge vibration isolation 2 types various specifications pencil lead damping support. The dampers with own intellectual property products are combined with damping support, tensile pan type support and plate type support. They have single direction shifting, double directions shifting and fixed these three types support. Expansion joint series have deformed steel expansion joint devices, expansion amount 0-100. Modules type expansion devices are combined with spring control, rubber axle elasticity spring control, and hinge control. Equality deflection system 160~2400mm expansion amount. Different expansion devices, such as long comb tooth 80~1600 expansion amount expansion device, multi-directions deflection comb tooth turnable 80~1600 expansion device with own property right. They are suitable for the requirements of regular bridge direction and cross bridge maximum turning angle 0.05rad. Also we have the main products rubber waterstop series, including construction joint, deformation joint waterstop, and tunnel shield waterstop and so on. Dock using D type, drum type, M type rubber fender.
         At the same time of constantly developed and researched new products, our company drafts parts of national standard and industry standard. National standards was drafted by our company are GB173.2-2000 <>, GB20688.4-2007 <>, GB/T21527-2008<>, GB1873.4-2009 <>, JT/T391-2009 <>, HG/T3080-2009<>. Our company has made a great deal of testing for standard’s drafts. Company puts forward reliable and effective according the testing and did a great deal of working and made contribution for standard’s drafts, and also made contribution for national bridges industry and quake proof, irrigation works. We will work harder on this basis, strictly pick quality, and struggle for full connection between national standard and international standard.
        On the basis of 25 years production history and abundant technology force, our products are used in domestic and foreign numerous great engineering. Such as: Macao International Airport Connection Bridge support and construction joint are provided by our company, Bengal MEGHNA GUMATI Bridge expansion joint, Vietnam HO CHI MINH Road, No,10 Road,  HO CHI MINH high speed road, Mountain Water Bridge and other important engineering are adopting our company’s rubber support and expansion joint. Ningbo Surround Urban Freeway, HangYong, Yong-Tai-Wen, Jin-Li-Wen, Jin-Hang-Chang, Hu-Hang, Zha-Jia-Su, Shang-San, Zhu-Yong, Yong-Jin, Hang-Ning, Sheng-Su-Zhe-Wan, Sheng-Jia-Hu, Hangzhou Surround Urban Freeway, Hang-Qian, Hangzhou Bay Bridge north and south connection and other high speed free way, Meishan Bridge, Zhoushan Islands, Qianjiang No.3 Bridge, Qianjiang No.4 Bridge, Dongtou Bridge, Wenzhou Bridge, Oujiang Bridge, Feiyunjiang Bridge and other grand bridges. Zhengzhou Yellow River Bridge, Jiangsu Lianhuai, Ning-Su-Xu, Liang-Xu, Huaijiang High Speed Free Way, Guangdong Foshan No.1 Cycle, Zhongshan Outer Cycle, Guangzhou Surround Urban Freeway, Guangzhou Huazhou Bridge, Zhuhai HengHang Bridge, Zhongshan Shiyaokou Bridge, Fujian Quanzhou Houzhu Bridge, Guangxi Nanning Yonghe Bridge, Anhui Bu-Bang, Bang-Meng, Hui-Hang, Lu-tong high speed free way and Bu-Meng Xintong Bridge and other important engineering. We will try our best to struggle constantly.

        Our slogan: Service for our customers is our duty, create excellent engineering is our responsibility.

        Customer is the God forever, Quality is our life forever.
        Service for you is our honor and pride.

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